Scrap Car Gravesend, Scrap my car for cash with Gravesend Car Breakers

Scrap your Car Today with Gravesend Car Breakers, We Need your Scrap Car Today. Here at Gravesend Car Breakers we can Collect your Scrap Car and Pay you in Cash. Your Scrap Car is taken to a De Pollution and Recycling site and disposed of in a environmentally manor. Give us a Call FREE or fill out our contact form and we will reply as quick as we possibly can, Gravesend Car Breakers can Normally Collect your Scrap Car within the hour.

Scrap your Scrap Car with Gravesend Car Breakers

We've been trading in Gravesend for over a decade now and so naturally have built up a large number of satisfied customers in the area. Because we know the area so well, we can be with you in no time at all if need be. We pride ourselves on being prompt and arriving to take your scrap car at the time you arrange with us. We collect cars around the clock seven days a week so we can work around your life.

We will make sure that your vehicle is disposed of legally. Unfortunately many of our competitors are unscrupulous and engage in dodgy practices, such as selling on 'scrap' cars without informing the DVLA of any change of ownership. From a legal standpoint, this leaves you very vulnerable, and you can easily end up with a substantial fine. There's no need to worry about these things with Scrap Car Gravesend; we keep everything above board, and inform the DVLA on your behalf that the car is no longer on the road and is to be scrapped. We scrap cars in the most environmentally friendly way we can, to ensure that as much is either reused or recycled as possible.

Make sure your old scrap car is disposed of correctly as we want to keep Gravesend clean and tidy. Having old broken down cars littering the streets makes the area look very run down and untidy, so scrapping your car will make your neighbours happy. Call today and dispose of that scrap car now!

Reasons to scrap your car

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to scrap your car in Gravesend. The most common reason though, is that the car has failed its MOT and would be too expensive to repair. If you don't want to continue paying road tax on your unwanted vehicle you will either need to scrap it or declare it off the road.

The government's car scrappage scheme

The car scrappage scheme in Gravesend seems like a fantastic idea. However, you are limited in what type of new car you can buy. This is very frustrating for people looking to get themselves a new car as you have to get the car that is in the scrappage scheme at the time.

How to scrap your car

It couldn't be easier to scrap your car in Gravesend. Just contact us today and we can talk you through the process. Otherwise, just take a look at our helpful guide to scrapping your car so that you know the procedure before calling.